REVELAB Film Drop Box

Leave your films to develop any day and at any time


Our REVELAB Film Drop Box is located outside our shop in Carrer d’Aragó 381. There you could leave your films to be developed any day and at any time.

REVELAB Film Drop Box

  1. 📩 Put your films into a plastic zip bag.
  2. ✍🏼 Write down your name and phone number on a piece of paper and put them in the bag with the reels.
  3. 📬 Insert the plastic zip bag with your reels and your contact information into the mailbox, making sure they fall inside.
  4. 🧾 Fill out the order form through this link or scan the QR code you’ll find in the film drop box..
  5. ✅ It’s ready. We will let you know once we’ve collected the films.


How many rolls could I leave? 

The ones you want! But we do recommend not putting more than 5-6 rolls per ZIP bag so that they fit well through the mailbox window. In that case, divide them into 2 bags.

It is mandatory to use plastic zip bags? 

No, but it is highly recommended. These types of bags, being airtight, will keep your reels safer during the short period of time they remain in the drop box until we take them.

Does it has an extra cost?

No, the cost of having your film developed by this method will be the same as that of doing it directly in the film lab. Check our lab services prices.

How should I proceed for payment?

Once your films would have been developed you’ll receive a Whatsapp with a payment link, where you could pay by card. 💳

How often do you take the films from the drop box? 

We check the REVELAB Film Drop Box every morning, Monday through Saturday, whenever the lab is open. In any case, when filling out the form the system will notify us that there are orders to be collected 🎞️

Should I put the reels in their original container?

It is not necessary, although it will be extra protection for your films. Of course, you may have to maneuver a little to insert the bag through the drop box window.

What kind of films can I drop off?

You can leave all the types of films that we process in the laboratory: Color C41, Black and White, ECN-2, Slide E6… both 35mm and 120 or 110. Whether it is to develop and scan, or just to develop.

Its possible to drop off any disposable cameras?

Unfortunately disposable cameras do not fit through the mailbox window. We will soon explain in a video how to remove the film roll from your disposable camera, but in the meantime we leave you this video from Shutter Junkies that explains how to do it.

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