Send us your rolls

Everyday there are more of you who send us film by post to develop and scan it, either because you cannot bring them directly to our studio or because there is no REVELAB Studio delivery point in your city.

Are you ready? We’ll tell you how!

1. Order form

We need to have your rolls identified, so you must download, print and fill out this form.

In it you must indicate your personal information, contact information and address. In addition, you must reflect what type of rolls you are sending us (color, black and white or slide), the chosen scanning price (M, L or XL), as well as, if you have forced the roll, the number of steps to which it has been forced.

If you have chosen Rate L or XL, you will be able to choose scanning preferences, according to how you like your photographs to look, as well as having the option to choose whether or not you want the frame border to be visible in your photographs, at no additional cost.

You will also find a comments section, where you can make those notes that you consider appropriate that we should take into account (if the rolls have expired, if they are film soups, or if you’ve had some kind of problem with the camera or the roll…).

All the information you’d like to give us is more than welcome!. Aw! If you need more space, you can continue on the back of the sheet.

2. Shipment Preparation

During the shipping and handling process by the carrier, your films can be subjected to environmental changes, such as temperature or humidity, or even rain or snow during transport. For this reason, it is better to prevent and introduce your films inside a plastic bag with hermetic closure, to ensure that your rolls arrive in perfect conditions (freezer bags are ideal). For 120 rolls, we recommend securing the closure with adhesive tape to prevent the paper closure from accidentally detaching during transport.

Finally, put your rolls in a box -preferably-, or in an envelope, next to the printed and filled form. Make sure that everything is well closed, and they will be ready to travel to our studio.

3. Shipping

3. Shipping

Once you have printed and filled out the form, and prepared the package with your rolls, they will be ready for shipment. For this, you have two options: that we manage the collection and shipment with a courier company, or send it on your own.

Pick up and delivery service

We offer our customers the possibility of contracting the door pick-up service for €5.50 -the same cost as if you sent it by Certified Post Office Letter-. All you have to do is buy the pick-up service and a Correos Express courier will pick up your reels. Once we receive the reels, we will contact you to proceed with the payment. More details here.

Shipping on behalf of the customer

Go to your nearest post office and send them to us along with the order form at REVELAB Studio (Calle Aragón 381 (Local 2), 08013 – Barcelona). You can send it to us by Ordinary Letter or Certified Letter, the latter being the method we recommend, since a tracking number will be assigned to your shipment.

4. Reception of the order

As soon as we have received your rolls in our studio, we will contact you to let you know that they have arrived correctly.

We will compare your order form and the rolls sent, to see that everything matches, and we will send you the total amount of the order, as well as the payment instructions.

Your rolls will be developed within the deadlines established for each type of roll and, after verifying receipt of payment, you will receive them directly in your email through WeTransfer.

5. Return of negatives

5. Return of negatives

Depending on what you have selected in the order form, once we have sent you your photos by WeTransfer we will be able to:

  1. Destroy your negatives.
  2. Save them to send them in a future shipment.1
  3. Send them back to you via certified mail 2 (+6€) or ordinary mail 3 (+3€).

(1) Maximum term of 3 months
(2) If you select to send the negatives by certified mail, we will ask you if you need rolls or any other product available on our website, so that you can take advantage of the shipment.
(3) As ordinary mail does not have a tracking number with which to check the status of the shipment, REVELAB Studio is not responsible for any loss of the shipment by the carrier.